Due to the coronavirus pandemic, we are adjusting our services and internal procedures, in order to provide our guests with a safe environment in which they can relax and prepare their visit to our beautiful city!


We are committed to follow all cleaning and social distancing guidelines pertaining the control of the spread of the new coronavirus, and to avoid contamination of spaces, in all our properties.


In Sweet Lisbon Guesthouse, among other procedures, we’re adjusting the way breakfast will be served (we still want you to have a good start of your day!):

  • there is a maximum of 6 guests allowed in the breakfast area (the kitchen)
  • we have 3 slots available of breakfast time – 8h00/8h40; 8h45/9h25; 9h30/10h10 – please reserve in advance your preferred time, to ensure availability
  • if you arrive at the kitchen with up to 10 minutes delay of the beginning of your reserved time, you may still have breakfast but the finish time remains the same; more than 10 minutes delay, you we will provide breakfast as a take away
  • the option of a take away breakfast is also available for guests who prefer it
  • breakfast is no longer self service: upon entering the kitchen, guests are requested to check the breakfast counter and choose what they want to have, Sweet Lisbon staff will serve and do refills at the tables
  • there is a disinfectant at the kitchen entrance, to be used before entering for breakfast; the use of face mask is also mandatory except when eating

We are providing more in room facilities for tea and coffee so that guests don’t need to use the shared kitchen, and daily or requested housekeeping will not be available during this period (but we will give you fresh linen and toiletries whenever necessary).

Reception is open between 8h00 and 16h00. In order to give us time to do a proper cleaning, check-outs are to be done until 10h30 check-ins are only from 17h00. Luggage storage is no longer possible on check-out day, but is available at Santa Apolónia train station, 400 meters walking distance away. For early arrivals on check-in day, the luggage can be stored but please note it’ll be disinfected on arrival (one way to protect your luggage for any possible damage done by the disinfectant product is to wrap in advance with basic kitchen cling film).

Also, for each of the two bedrooms without a private bathroom, it’ll be allocated a specific outside bathroom for their sole use.

The use of face mask is mandatory in every space outside the bedrooms.


In Sweet Lisbon Apartments we’re allowing for a 24 hour period between check-outs and check-ins.

Since all our properties have access codes, and if the payment of the reservation is done in advance, preference is given to online check-ins: upon arrival at the property, and connecting with our wi-fi network, a video call by Whatsapp, Viber or Skype is done at a prearranged time, so that guests and Sweet Lisbon staff get to know each other and answer any questions that may have. Since ID for all guests is required by law, a clear photo of all documents is to be sent to any of the above mentioned apps, which will be permanently deleted as soon as the information is uploaded at the border services system.

For face-to-face check-ins, guests and Sweet Lisbon staff are required to use face mask.


We will continue to apply the clean and safety procedures in all our properties as per international guidelines, and provide our guests with individual protective equipment for as long as necessary.


These are challenging times for all, and we are aware that some of these changes will impact the quality of our service. But we hope to achieve the main goal, which is to offer a safe and relaxing environment to our guests, and return to normal levels of service as soon as possible!

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